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The One Where I Write About My Life

I know it’s such a cliché, but I honestly feel like October just started and now it’s almost over. Where does the time go.

I’ve been working on pieces about mental health and saving the planet and all that hefty stuff, but it occurred to me recently that some of you lovely readers might just like to know more of what’s happening in my life.

I try to post about stuff on social media for my friends and family in the States to know what’s going on, but maybe it’s about time I gave you a proper update.

The most beautiful wedding

In September my brother-in-law, George, married the love of his life, Ailsa. I’ve never cried so much (in a good way) at a wedding. I had to try to keep it together because Joe and I did a reading during the ceremony. Just picture me dabbing my eyes furiously, trying to keep my tears from ruining my makeup.

Their love for each other is so evident and it’s really beautiful. They’ve been together since 2013 (longer than Joe and I have lol) and it was incredible to be there as they made it official.

And I love them both so much! They’re two of the the nicest, most caring people on the planet.

Ailsa is currently studying to become a midwife; I’ve already said I will not accept anyone else as my midwife if I have children. She’s one of those people that just makes you feel at ease. At my wedding she held my dress for me while I peed and I knew from that moment we were truly sisters.  

George is brilliant and studying to become a doctor, so I pester him with all of my questions about everything. We don’t always see eye to eye, mostly because I’m trying to be vegetarian and there’s nothing he loves more than really good meat, but we both love Bon Iver and that’s good enough for me.

It was the most beautiful day; the venue was stunning, the weather was perfect, the drinks were flowing, the food was delicious. I spent hours embarrassing myself on the dance floor; they practically had to drag me out at the end of the night.


Joe’s aunt and uncle had a baby this summer and he is SO CUTE. We’ve gotten to spend some time hanging out with all of them and it’s been so good. Every time we see them, I just can’t stop staring at that adorable face. We also got to spend a lot of time with Joe’s adorable cousins who were visiting from Australia; they’re so much fun.

It’s all made me think that having a baby one day might not be so bad after all. I’m still very strictly in the not-ready-to-have-a-baby category, but they can be pretty cute and sweet.

Earlier this year I briefly thought I might be pregnant and I was for realllll panicking. I wasn’t, but it really stressed me out and made me think about everything. And then I started thinking that maybe I didn’t want to have children at all. I don’t really know to be honest. I just want to make sure that I actually want one and that it’s not just what everyone says I should do after being married.

But kids can be pretty cute and sweet. Joe’s cousin, Mia, is super affectionate and would regularly hug and kiss me and tell me that she loves me sooooo much. I was like, “ok I get it, this is nice.” So maybe in like 5-10 years I’ll be ready. And if I have one, then I’ll probably have like four cause why not.

I just wanted to say this because I think women feel a lot of pressure in regards to having children and when they have them, and I just want to say it’s okay to not be sure! It’s okay to not want to at all! It’s okay to wait til you’re older!

I finally got my cartilage pierced

Honestly, this shouldn’t even be news; I’m a grown woman for god’s sake. But I’ve wanted it for about 10 years now, and hadn’t done it, because I’m a coward.

So last week when I went with Ellen to get her nose re-pierced, I impulsively decided to do it. 

I was always afraid of how much it would hurt, and mostly afraid of not being able to sleep on one side. That part has actually sucked. I toss and turn a lot and I’ve had some very rude awakenings after turning onto that side. But overall it hasn’t been that bad; maybe I’ll get more piercings. 

I feel like it was good practice for getting a tattoo, another thing which I’ve been talking about for bare time but haven’t done yet. THIS YEAR IS THE YEAR. No more chickening out.

Paris with my bestie

This month the ultimate dream came true and I got to go to Paris with Rachel and we had the best time. We cried about how beautiful the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe are; drank ridiculous amounts of coffee and wine; and stared wide eyed at all the attractive Parisians. Seriously. Men and women both are hella attractive there.

There was a lot of catcalling, which isn’t nice, although the French are at least not super aggressive about it? They mostly just quietly say things like “oh la la” or “magnifique.”

We also had plenty of mishaps, including getting on the wrong train even though I KNEW what train we needed. Getting lost in Paris is easier than you would believe. 

I might do a proper post about the trip but in the meantime here is the most beautiful picture I ever have or ever will take.

Job hunting

Joe and I have had a really good year, traveling to incredible places. (We’ve written lots about it over at We’ve loved experiencing so many new things, and I don’t think either of us are finished with that for good.

But recently we’ve been missing London and all the amazing things it has to offer. There are so many events, gigs, parties; a wide range of experiences to be had in the city.

We’ve also really been missing our friends. I’ve missed having a sense of community. Even though I also crave change and adventure and all that. So basically I just always want what I don’t have. I’m working on that.

All this to say, Joe and I are planning on moving back to London with his sister, Ellen. We adore her and are really excited to get to spend time hanging out and going on adventures in London. But rent is hella expensive, so that means we’re applying for jobs too.

It’s weird to be in such a different mindset than we were in this time last year, and I can’t say I never worry what people will think. But I know it doesn’t matter.

I’m a believer in taking each day, each year at a time. Not getting too stuck into any one plan or dream without evaluating if it’s really what you want. Sometimes we change our minds, and that’s okay.

Anyway that’s all for now!


Let me know what you thought!