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Why You Need To Go Skinnydipping

Today I’m here to talk about one of my many obsessions, which is the brand Skinnydip London. And more specifically – their phone cases.

I became familiar with the brand when I stumbled across their store by Carnaby Street. It’s super cute and colorful and I instantly fell in love with it. One of the biggest reasons I love their phone cases is because they have cute designs that don’t completely cover up your phone. I mean, I didn’t choose that beautiful rose gold phone just to hide it with a case.

I knew I wanted one, but I was holding out for the one that was just right for me. Because obviously a phone case is mostly about communicating your identity, not protecting your phone.

There I was, scrolling through instagram one day – as I do every day – when behold, one of the bloggers I follow had posted a picture of their new phone case.

This. Was. It.

I’ve had a lot of phone cases in my life, and never have I loved one more than this one.

After a couple months of begging and pleading, I managed to convince Joe that I neeeeeded to buy it; when the website said stock was running low. And because I needed to qualify for free shipping, I decided to throw in another case and a set of highlighters for good measure.

I was so ready to take the cutest mirror selfies imaginable. Except I suck at mirror selfies.

Honestly Kayla, what the hell is this?

I had better luck with the other phone case. My friend Rachel said,

“You look like you were on your way to go murder someone, saw a mirror and thought ‘Ooh I look cute, quick selfie.'”


Fun fact: I took this selfie in a bathroom at the Shard, which has a massive window overlooking the city right next to the toilet. Nice.

To sum up: SkinnyDip London has the best phone cases. Whether you want something pretty, something funky, something with swear words on it; this is the place for you. My friend Rebecca has this one which says “rodeo queen” and “lucky bitch” on it. Legendary.

Tell me about your favorite phone case, or send me your worst mirror selfie. 😛

Let me know what you thought!