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September Favorites

Hey babes! I hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday. I wanted to started a new feature of “monthly favorites” where I talk about some of the things I’ve been obsessing over for the past month. Of course it’s not an original concept – lots of bloggers and vloggers do this so thanks for the inspiration!

Urban Outfitters Daisy Medallion Tapestry

Alright I don’t have a good picture of this because I haven’t hung it up yet; I need to get supplies but it’s SO PRETTY. I’ve been wanting a tapestry for ages but struggled to find one with the right colors/design that doesn’t have elephants (elephants are cool but I don’t need them on my wall), and doesn’t look like it might be religious symbols that I don’t understand. I’d checked Urban Outfitters multiple times, looked at stalls in markets in Amsterdam and LA and just hadn’t found
T H E  O N E.
But Joe was buying something from UO one day and I just happened to check and there it was. The one I knew I’d been looking for all my life. It was destiny. Sadly it’s already gone (can’t believe I caught it) but UO does usually have some pretty ones if that’s your thing.

The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer

ordinary primer

Let me start by saying I’m super excited by this brand in general. They have a bunch of oils and products that people who are serious about skincare would use, but they’re actually CHEAP. I’ve got my eye on several of them so will keep you posted after I try them.

I have pretty oily skin, and I’d been struggling to find a primer that could actually keep my makeup on all day without getting all messed up in my t-zone. Especially because I don’t buy high end products (honestly I don’t know how people afford it). I decided to try the high-spreadability primer because I found it on ASOS and it was so decently priced. And it has been amaaaazing. It feels moisturizing for my skin and it goes on really smoothly. It’s lightweight so it doesn’t feel clumpy. More importantly, I don’t have to be horrified when I look in a mirror halfway through the day and see how bad my face looks. My skin still gets oily, but my makeup has been holding up so much better. Plus like the name implies, my foundation spreads without getting too pigmented in certain areas.

It’s hard to recommend face products when everyone’s skin is different but it’s been fantastic for me. If ASOS is out of stock, you can buy it on The Ordinary’s website. As far as I know it’s available in the US as well.

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil

*cue joke from Pitch Perfect, “not a good enough reason to use the word penetrate.”*

I’ve actually had this for a while but I just recently started using it more regularly. It’s designed to use in your hair, making it incredibly soft. My new-found use for it though is to moisturize my legs after shaving and oh my goodness does it make my skin feel great. Real talk: I hate shaving my legs. I don’t like having hairy legs, but I dislike shaving even more. It’s suuuuch a hassle! But the argan oil makes me actually want to shave just so I can get that silky smooth skin and demand that Joe feel how soft it is. (You know we all do that.)

You can find it online or the brand is carried at Target, Walmart, Boots, etc.

Mine doesn’t say “extra” so I don’t know if it’s a different formula or if mine is just being less dramatic.

Botanics Rollerballs: Revitalising with Lemon and Rosemary, and Aromatic with Ylang Ylang and Mandarin

Disclaimer: I know these aren’t like, legit essential oils and I want to give a shoutout to my bff Jodi who can totally hook you up with Young Living products if you want something a bit more “real.” 😉

After spending an hour in the depths of Boots’ online store once, trying to hit a minimum spend so I could get some kind of discount in the end, (it makes sense, ok) I found these little guys and decided to give them a try. Look, they don’t possess some magical power that makes me get all my work done. But I find the ritual of putting it on feels like I’m getting ready to get in the zone. I prefer the lemon and rosemary one as it smells much nicer; ylang ylang and mandarin smells a bit musky. I’ve been putting them on my wrists and neck most days and I’m digging it. I also have some sleep ones but I keep forgetting to use them so they don’t make the list for today.


The Muse by Jessie Burton

I bought this book with several others months ago but kept forgetting to read it. I finally got started on it and was sooo hooked! Like, staying-up-late-finishing-it hooked. It tells the story of a girl from Trinidad living in London during the 1960s, and intertwines her story with the story of a girl living in Spain in the 1930s. I might do a little review of the book later. It’s just such a good story with themes of love, art, war, and immigration. Very mysterious and complex. I almost want to read it again just because I don’t even feel like I processed it all. Would definitely recommend to anyone who loves a good fiction book!

And that concludes my list of favorites for September. Comment below and tell me what you’ve been loving the past month; I’d love some recommendations!



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