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Scotland: Finally finishing this story

Day 3 was a little bit less crazy. A group of us went back to Edinburgh Castle and went inside this time. I’m so glad we did because it was amazing to see! We got to see the crown jewels that are displayed there – although unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures – and then go into the room where Mary, Queen of Scots gave birth to her son James. I was really interested in English history when I was younger, particularly the time of Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots, so to be in a room like that was incredible. Then as we were walking towards the exit, I walked right by Ellie Goulding! I was so surprised that I just stood there staring and wondering if it was actually her. Later we saw she posted a picture on Instagram that was almost exactly like a picture I took. Now I will forever regret not getting a picture with her!

That night we took a bus to Leith to eat dinner. Nine Americans trying to figure out how to get somewhere on a bus turned out to be quite an ordeal. First of all, we got on the bus and realized that we had to pay in exact change, which half of us didn’t have. Three or four of us got upstairs on the bus and realized that the rest of them we’re still outside and the doors had been shut. I had a moment of panic but they managed to sort it out and everyone got on. But then we didn’t know when to get off the bus. Joel ended up going to ask the bus driver, who said he would “give us a shout.” And he did. The bus stopped and all of a sudden we heard “Joel.” over the speaker and we all jumped up and scrambled off. It was pretty hilarious. When we got off, it wasn’t exactly the scenic seaside view that we were expecting (it was also really dark so there wasn’t much of a view at all) but we did find a really great local place to eat dinner. The bus ride back was also pretty entertaining, because we all sat in the first few rows on the top part of the double decker, and we were sitting right in front of a screen that showed all the camera feeds from the bus. We kept popping up as it cycled through, so we started making faces and trying to take a picture of the screen. After about five or ten minutes of this we realized that the bus driver would obviously have a screen showing him all the feeds as well and was probably watching us act like idiots. Hahaha.

Joel, Sophia, Rebecca, and I went to a stand up comedy show, which was amazing! The only seats left were in the very front row, which combined with us being American meant we got a lot of attention from the comedians. It was mostly Joel that they kept talking to, and it was hysterical. I think it might have been the highlight of the trip for him! They had some great jokes about Americans and we couldn’t stop laughing. The next morning we stopped at The Elephant House, a cafe where J.K. Rowling used to work on her books, and had a delicious breakfast before the long bus ride home. After such a long weekend I was relieved to get to sit for nine hours. 🙂

And that sums up our trip to Scotland! Soon I’ll have some stories about school and the adventures of living at the YMCA. 🙂

Let me know what you thought!