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Scotland: Day Two!

Day 2 we were all exhausted so we decided to catch up on some sleep. After lunch we started the trek towards Scottish Mt. Everest (aka Arthur’s Seat, a massive hill that overlooks the city). I should mention that while in London I suffered a…um… knee injury. Okay so I fell down two steps because I forgot that it went down. Which totally messed something up in my knee and until a few days ago I could barely walk downhill or down a flight of stairs without nearly crying. (Sometimes I did cry. Don’t judge.) So just from walking to this hill I was already in an incredible amount of pain and I was wondering how in the world I was gonna make it up the hill, not to mention back down. But somehow with four Advil and lots of prayer, I made it. Haha.

Getting up was rough and some of us had to keep stopping to catch our breath, but once we got to the top…. AMAZING. Well, the view was amazing. It was freezing and the wind was blowing nearly a hundred miles an hour or something like that, but I’m so glad we made it. It was so worth it. The sun was setting, making the whole thing even more gorgeous. We got some really awesome pictures! (See above.) Coming back down was hilarious because the whole thing was super muddy and we kept slipping and falling. We keep joking that it would be easier to just fall all the way down the hill Hot Rod style. (If you aren’t familiar with the scene, enjoy Lucas wiped out and we got it on video, which was one of the funniest things that’s happened so far. But we survived!

After we all cleaned up and put on clothes that weren’t covered in mud, we went on a pub crawl which was tons of fun. Our guides were these two hilarious Scottish guys in kilts. Jacob met the “love of his life.” Even though he didn’t get her name. He just calls her New York (where she’s from) and he’s still trying to figure out how to find her. Hahaha. When we left the last pub, we were in a new area and most of us had no idea where we were or how to get home, but somehow we made it. After all that, I definitely got a good night’s sleep!


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