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A Very Honest Post About Suicidal Thoughts

I think a lot about how a couple of times a year, people start talking about suicide awareness and sharing posts telling people that if they’re struggling, they should reach out. And I wonder how many of the people who share those posts have ever actually experienced suicidal thoughts.  Because reaching out is actually one…
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Why I’m Obsessed with Billie Eilish

The other day Joe asked me what I’d been listening to lately, aside from Billie Eilish. The answer was, “Well, nothing really.” I’ve been too busy playing her new album – WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO – on repeat. Like many others, I first discovered Billie Eilish when “ocean eyes” suddenly…
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The One Where I Write About My Life

I know it’s such a cliché, but I honestly feel like October just started and now it’s almost over. Where does the time go. I’ve been working on pieces about mental health and saving the planet and all that hefty stuff, but it occurred to me recently that some of you lovely readers might just…
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September Obsessions

I’m back and I’m ready to tell you what I’ve been obsessing over for the past month. Remember last September when I started a “favorites” series and then never did it again? Maybe I’ll only ever remember do these in September. But I have the burning desire to tell you about these things, so here…
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Why I Didn’t Like Sierra Burgess

(Photo from IMDb) Whenever Netflix releases a new film or series, the internet usually erupts with promos and discussions and hot takes. Earlier this month, they released a film called Sierra Burgess is a Loser, staring Shannon Purser of Stranger Things fame. Rotten Tomatoes describes the movie as “a modern rom-com retelling of the Cyrano…
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What I Love About Living In London

Just over a year ago, I wrote a post detailing all the things I miss most about America. It was a rough first year, getting used to a life without millions of fast food options or washing machines that actually work and don’t take 2 hours. Like any loving relationship, England and I have had…
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How To Actually Make Progress and Get Sh*t Done

I read an article by someone who received some “life changing” advice from a friend. Following the advice, they got up at 5am every day for a year and wrote. Just like that. I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t usually work out that way for me. Especially if it involves doing anything at…
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Life in England: Celebrating Two Years

As of today I’ve officially been living in England for two years! In some ways it feels like I’ve lived a lifetime since then (is that dramatic or what). But it also feels like just yesterday I was tearfully telling my friends and family goodbye before heading through security and off to a new life.…
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What You Should Know About Depression

With the recent tragic suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, social media has been full of posts and articles about suicide and depression. It’s natural that these topics receive more coverage in the wake of tragedy, and I’m glad they’re being discussed. I’m also reminded that we need to keep talking about it, in…
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Skellig Ireland

When You Try Your Best But You Don’t Succeed

Hey babes. It’s been a cool minute. (Ok a few months.) I have multiple drafts of would-be posts, saying it’s the first month of the year, the second… on to the fourth. (There was also this joke about having big news but not about being pregnant and then I briefly thought I was and nearly…
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Why You Need To Go Skinnydipping

Today I’m here to talk about one of my many obsessions, which is the brand Skinnydip London. And more specifically – their phone cases. I became familiar with the brand when I stumbled across their store by Carnaby Street. It’s super cute and colorful and I instantly fell in love with it. One of the…
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Kayla’s Guide to UK Expressions

Last week I wrote a post about how the way I speak has changed since moving to England. While writing the post I came across so many more words or phrases that I use since Joe’s come into my life. A few people seemed interested in hearing the rest, so I put them all together…
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Do I Sound British Yet?

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me talking about practicing my “British accent.” (If you don’t follow me, don’t worry, you can find me here.) It started because I’d been thinking about how my speech habits have changed since moving to England.  Disclaimer: I’m obviously not some kind of linguistics expert.…
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September Favorites

Hey babes! I hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday. I wanted to started a new feature of “monthly favorites” where I talk about some of the things I’ve been obsessing over for the past month. Of course it’s not an original concept – lots of bloggers and vloggers do this so thanks for the inspiration!…
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Gorgeous beach in Tenby, UK

Travel Diaries: Tenby, Wales

In July I went on a week vacation with my husband, Joe, and his family to Tenby, Wales. I have to admit, when I first found out we were going to Wales, I wasn’t absolutely jumping with excitement. I was definitely excited to spend the week with everyone, but Wales had never really been at…
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My 3 Favorite Planners

I’ll be honest with you – I started this post weeks ago. I was super excited but I’ve had some image quality issues holding me up. Then the longer I put it off, the more I questioned whether it was worth posting anyway. Like, “Kayla, no one really asked for your opinion on this, why…
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Set of Harry Potter books

Harry Potter: 19 Years Later

Today is September 1, which in the world of Harry Potter means it’s not only Back to Hogwarts day, but also 19 Years Later Day! You know, the epilogue of Deathly Hallows where the kids are all about to leave for school – that was this morning. There were crazy crowds in King’s Cross this…
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Healthy groceries for weight loss from Waitrose

On Weight Issues and Body Image

Hey there! A number of issues (ok excuses) have kept me from posting for a bit but I’m getting back into the swing of things. My biggest hope for this blog is to help other people, whether through practical advice or letting them know they’re not alone. That may sound a bit cliche, but I…
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Bridge at sunset over the River Seine, Paris

My Favorite Places in Paris: Part 2

I’m back and still talking about Paris! I have a little bit of an obsession with the city. Last week I wrote about some of my favorite spots in the city, but I couldn’t fit it all into one post. Here are some more of my favorites, complete with a few funny stories and tips…
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Eiffel Tower at night, Paris

My Favorite Places in Paris: Part 1

Looking through my old posts, I realized that I never wrote a post about Paris, despite having been there 3 times. I did once write an English paper about my experiences, which is great because I had already forgotten more details than I should have at such a young age. So I decided to document…
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Fuzzy's Taco Shop Mexican Food

What I Miss About America

As of a couple of weeks ago, I have been living in London for a year! Sometimes it feels like it’s flown by; other moments seemed to drag on. There are things I really love about London and England, that make me feel like I was always meant to be here. But there are also…
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Kayla Marie Saw view from balcony

Hello there!

If you read that title in the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi, we’re gonna get along just fine. If you didn’t, don’t be put off by the Star Wars reference – we’ll probably still get along. So here it is: a new blog from yours truly. I’ve had one before, under my maiden name, but I’ve scrapped…
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Kayla Marie Saw

England + America = Love?

So as I mentioned in my last post, I’m getting married! I seriously could not be more excited. Joe is such a wonderful guy and I feel so blessed to have met him. For those who don’t already know it, I thought I’d share a little bit of our story. I had the opportunity to…
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Guess who’s back. Back again.

I thought I’d share a little bit about my life right now. I recently graduated from UCO with a Bachelor of Applied Technology. It’s a weird degree title, but basically I studied contemporary music (performance and business aspects) at ACM in Bricktown. While I love learning, I am SO excited to be done and to…
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Well, we made it back from Amsterdam! There were a few times I wasn’t sure that we would. Haha. I had a great time though. Amsterdam is absolutely beautiful and I loved just walking around, seeing all the buildings and canals and drinking coffee (and wine). On Friday I got to go to the Anne…
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Scotland: Finally finishing this story

Day 3 was a little bit less crazy. A group of us went back to Edinburgh Castle and went inside this time. I’m so glad we did because it was amazing to see! We got to see the crown jewels that are displayed there – although unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures – and…
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Scotland: Day Two!

Day 2 we were all exhausted so we decided to catch up on some sleep. After lunch we started the trek towards Scottish Mt. Everest (aka Arthur’s Seat, a massive hill that overlooks the city). I should mention that while in London I suffered a…um… knee injury. Okay so I fell down two steps because…
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Scotland: Day One

Hello everyone! I finally have a moment to sit down and write about our adventures in Edinburgh, Scotland. And it was definitely quite an adventure. So much happened in three days that it felt like we were there for a week. We left on a Thursday night and took the Megabus to Edinburgh – an…
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Adventures in London

We safely made it back from Scotland! Luckily we didn’t lose anyone along the way. I’ll get to that, but since I’m behind I’ll go back to our time in London and tell you some of my favorite memories there. After a couple of nights in Hayes we moved into Victoria, which is a gorgeous…
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New Years Eve in London

Well I’ve been in England for a week and all kinds of craziness has already happened. This might be the most eventful week of my life so far! There have definitely been some bad moments but for the most part I’ve been having an amazing time. I absolutely love this country so far. The buildings…
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