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Adventures in London

We safely made it back from Scotland! Luckily we didn’t lose anyone along the way. I’ll get to that, but since I’m behind I’ll go back to our time in London and tell you some of my favorite memories there.

  • After a couple of nights in Hayes we moved into Victoria, which is a gorgeous part of London. Getting our stuff there was NOT an easy task.  First of all, my backpack and two suitcases combined probably weigh somewhere from 75-100 pounds. And England does not consider elevators (lifts as they call them here) to be a big priority. And we had to take the underground to get from one hotel to the other. Underground = lots of stairs. And of course we had to change lines three or four times, and I wouldn’t even be able to tell you how many flights of stairs that means. We were so pathetic trying to haul it up and down that people kept offering to help us (thank the Lord for that). One guy was definitely just helping us because we were in the way, but a lot of people were very kind. I’m not looking forward to the day when we have to take all that luggage back out of the country. I might just stay here forever.
  • Of course we had to do a lot of sight seeing. One day we went over to Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye. We haven’t gone inside any of them yet but all of them are absolutely beautiful from the outside.  I was really into history as a kid and English history was my favorite, so being able to see these places gives me such a feeling of awe and excitement. Another day we went to see Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square, then headed over to London Bridge, Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London. We also took a couple double decker buses, which is an amazing way to get to see all the gorgeous architecture. We were also lucky to be there so close to Christmas time and get to see all the lights up everywhere.
  • Food! We’ve found some favorites. There’s a chicken place called Nando’s that really good, and a place called Pizza Express. While we have gone to McDonald’s a lot for a cheap lunch, we usually try to find local cafes and pubs to eat in. Fish and chips is probably my favorite thing I’ve eaten here. It’s delicious! English breakfast is really funny because it usually consists of eggs, sausage, the English version of bacon, hash browns, and toast, but then also beans, tomatoes, and mushrooms. The plus side is a lot of places serve breakfast all day, which is something I always wish for back home.
  • Drinks! From what we’ve heard, it sounds like drinking is pretty big part of the English life. Haha. It’s funny to hear how they talk about it; it’s not frowned upon like it often is back home. You usually don’t have to go far to find another pub or bar (except for one night when we walked around for like 20 minutes in Covent Garden and somehow didn’t find one). They’re all about the pints of beer! I’m personally not a fan of beer but they do have really good ciders. Most importantly most pubs have wifi aka I can use my phone.
  • Speaking of Covent Garden, this particular underground station is VERY far underground. Which we didn’t realize when we got off. So when we got to the lift and there was a huge line of people waiting, we thought, “oh, we’ll just take the stairs.” And then we saw the warning sign that says “193 steps to the top – equal to 15 flights.” It was so packed that we couldn’t really turn around and go back, so we went for it. And kept going, and going. And going. The whole thing is a spiral staircase, without much room to stop and catch your breath. We literally passed people trying to stop and get a drink of water. We finally reached what looked like the top, everyone started rejoicing but alas! There’s one more flight. An old British lady behind us yelled out “oh for f***** sake!” which was hilarious. But we survived!! Next time we were there we used the lift. A lady next to me told her husband that she almost died on the way up last time and I was like me too, me too.
  • We also checked out some stores in London! We went to Harrods, of course, which is absolutely amazing and mostly out of my price range. But I loved looking at all the designer shoes and dresses and pretending to be Blair and Serena. It’s so big that we only saw maybe one floor. Then I came back down to earth and shopped at Primark; they have really cheap but cute stuff. I’m definitely a fan of the fashion here!

That’s the gist of what happened in London; soon I’ll get around to telling the adventures of Guildford and Scotland!


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