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About Me!


Hey, I’m Kayla.

I hate writing bios because when asked to describe myself, the words "emotional" and "hungry" come to mind. But like my CV will tell you, I'm also "ambitious" and have "a keen eye for detail." I like to maintain a balance between trying to be thoughtful and cultured but not taking myself too seriously.

A fateful study abroad trip introduced me to my future (British!) husband, Joe; literally a dream come true for me but more of a nightmare for my parents (sorry guys). So in 2016 I got married and moved from Oklahoma City to London, city of my dreams! Depending on which day you ask me.

I graduated in 2015 with a music business degree, and spent some time working at a radio plugging company and an independent record label. Then during 2018, Joe and I decided to spend some time traveling, and started a blog - - to document our travels. We got to visit amazing places like Australia, Morocco, Spain, and Portugal, and we had an incredible time.

Now we're back in London and looking forward to enjoying all this amazing city has to offer.

I’m also passionate about art, photography, netflix, wine, the cast of Riverdale... to name a few. Hopefully we can bond over a few mutual obsessions.

Most importantly, I want to hear back from YOU. Pouring my heart and soul into an article doesn't really mean anything if it doesn't start a conversation - no matter how important or superficial the topic. There's so much negativity online these days, but I'm interested in a community that inspires and encourages each other.

So send me a message and tell me what you're passionate about or what inspires you.