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My 3 Favorite Planners

I’ll be honest with you – I started this post weeks ago. I was super excited but I’ve had some image quality issues holding me up. Then the longer I put it off, the more I questioned whether it was worth posting anyway. Like, “Kayla, no one really asked for your opinion on this, why would anyone care about your preferences, you’re gonna look like some wannabe influencer talking about products you like.”

And then “Honestly, Kayla, only you would find a way to overanalyze talking about which planners you like.”

So that’s my confession for this week. And I am gonna tell you about the planners I like. Two of my best friends bought agendas after I told them about it, so obviously I’m onto a good thing here.

Planner vs. Diary

They can be called planners or agendas in the US; they’re called diaries in England. I prefer the word ‘planner’ because ‘diary’ reminds me of the Minnie Mouse notebook with a lock I owned at 10 years old. My favorite topics were making lists of all the boys I thought were cute and complaining about how annoying my brother was.

In planners, I make lists of everything I need to do because I will either:

a) forget

b) get so overwhelmed by the tasks floating around in my head that I just lie down and ignore all of them.

(To be fair, writing it down doesn’t guarantee I won’t forget. I once missed a college test after writing it down but forgetting to actually look back at the planner.)

Planner Addict

I’ve always had trouble limiting myself to a reasonable amount of any kind of notebook. It’s a little bit easier now that I can’t shop at Target. But in 2016 I bought two planners despite the fact that I’d graduated college and didn’t really have that much planning to do.

Now it’s okay that I have three, because I have a lot to keep track of. Plus I can tell you all about them.

1. Floral Agenda from

bando planner

I was first introduced to the brand when my mom sent me a picture of a phone case that said “I Am Very Busy” and I decided that I had to have it. This brand, whose tagline is “we are very serious about fun,” has about a million products I’d like to own, but I’m gonna stay focused on this 17 month agenda.

Inside the Bando planner

There are monthly and weekly views, as well as pages to write down notes. It’s got the major holidays in there, as well as fun ones like “national pizza party day” and “national magic day” which personally I think are just as important. It comes with adorable stickers and is full of fun or motivational quotes.

Inside the Bando planner

Mine is the 2017 model; you can find a similar 2018 one here. Mine is the large size, which is nice for planning things out, but it is a bit heavy and harder to carry around if you take your agenda around with you. I’m thinking I might try a medium next time!

Unfortunately because is a US company, shipping to the UK is hella expensive. You can find some of the planners at John Lewis or there’s a full list of international sellers by country.

2.Weekly Desk Pad from Rifle Paper Co.

This one is obviously pretty simple and doesn’t have any hidden features, but it’s just the cutest!

rifle paper co desk pad planner

I originally got it to use at work so I didn’t have to buy a whole planner. Now I find it useful for making a repeating weekly plan, such as tasks or chores to do every Monday.

It also makes for a cute, colorful mouse pad!

There are a variety of gorgeous designs but this one is still available! And of course, a retailer who sells it in the UK.

3. Daily Journal from Urban Outfitters x Ohh Deer

I’ll admit, I haven’t used this one as much yet. I’ve been trying to use my one since this one from UO isn’t date specific… but since I kind of want a new one next year, I’ve started using both.

urban outfitters daily journal

This one is really great because you get a whole page for each day. There’s a timetable for appointments, a to do section, notes section, and objectives/projects section. I’ve started using mine to keep track of tasks, meals, exercise, daily gratitudes, etc., and there’s loads of room to do that.

The fact that it’s not date specific is really helpful; if I don’t use it on a certain day it means I haven’t lost a page!

urban outfitters planner

I got this one on sale and sadly it’s no longer available. They do have this gorgeous rose quartz one and a few others on the European site, or this awesome cactus one on the US site!

And there you have it. Thanks for reading!

Comment below and let me know what your favorite planner is!

(And any tips you have for staying organized in general, cause ya girl is always struggling.)



  1. Gerda on 19 September 2017 at 7:06 pm

    Enjoyed reading your post as always, but can’t share my planets with you as they all and ever in my head. I never was a writing down planet, maybe that’s why my head is full and movie after movies come out of it. Falling asleep is sometimes hard , because is so much in my planer all I can see lol I’m from the old school. But keep writing , all is very interesting and inlightning to me, or us old folks😘

  2. Jodi on 19 September 2017 at 7:06 pm

    I love this!!

  3. Gerda on 19 September 2017 at 7:07 pm

    Planner lol not planet

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